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Jono Heher

 On your last berg hike did you sit in the evening with your legs over the

edge of the escarpment and ponder how every time you are in the mountains
the lights of civilisation have crept a little closer, pawing at the bases
of the wilderness.

If you are in search of a little bit more solitude and would rather not be
disturbed in your tent in the middle of the night by the pitter patter of
dagga traders making there way upon and down the pass then this is
something for you ...

Over the long weekend (23-25 September) we plan to hike from Ts'enhlanyane
National Park, the last refuge of Lesotho's once verdant mountain fynbos
and cheche forests, to Bokong nature reserve at the top of Katse pass.
Nominally this is a formal trail established by the Lesotho Highlands
development authority as part of their obligations as part of the dams
project, but in truth as, our first exploratory visit showed in August,
the pretence of existence of any formal infrastructure is thin.

What you can expect:
About 65km of backpacking in three days. Very similar to the berg with an
initial steep climb up Holane pass to the top of the escarpment and then a
wander across the top to Bokong. At Bokong, with its spectacular views
down the other side of the watershed to Katse dam, we will turn around and
backtrack a way before diverging to descend through the forest and the
fynbos down the Solane pass.

What you need:
A backpack, hiking boots, tent (or share), laughter, good navigational
skills and a yen to get lost. Oh yes ... you will also need a torch 'cause
there are no lights ;)


What you need to do to join in:
Phone me (or email me) and make me laugh, tell me if you can bring a car,
tent, stove map and/or sense of humour along with you.
I will attempt to coordinate everyone and see that they get fed and housed.

Departure & Return:
Friday afternoon evening of the 22nd and returning on the Monday evening.

Cheers, Jono
083 637 9547


Saturday, September 23, 2006 (All day) to Monday, September 25, 2006 (All day)