One Path Africa

Lesego Eunice Mookapele
Johannesburg Monthly Meeting
Tuesday, July 3, 2012 - 19:00

One Path AFrica was founded by 2 passionate young women,  Lesego and Tumi, out to make a difference in the youth of the continent.



Two girls packed their bags on a 6 month long trip around Africa. They slept in busses, filling stations and in strangers homes. They were on a mission to meet the African youth and interact with them with motivational talks. They explored the majestic Wonders of each country from the Victoria Falls, Lions head, Kilimanjaro etc.

They hitch-hiked,walked over borders, spent hours at borders.

All this without funds.

We sold cookies and food in villages to get by.

We ate things new to us.

Engaged with governments and anyone.


Come listen to this interesting talk at our monthly meeting every first Tuesday of the month.


Cricket Pavilion, Johannesburg Country Club


Free for members, guests R30