Sling 4 Around the world

Mike Blyth
Johannesburg Monthly Meeting
Tuesday, April 3, 2012 - 19:00

Mike Blyth has entertained us with his flying adventures as he has pushed technology first with microlights and now with his Sling aeroplane.  

In July and August 2011 The newly-built Sling 4, a light 4 seater variation of the standard Sling, left on an adventure Around The World. 

This time Mike, James and Jean worked out a flight path circumnavigating the earth in an Easterly direction with James and Jean flying all the way to Los Angeles, and then Jean and Mike flying all the way back home.

This adventure proved to be quite different from the 2009 adventure, with red-tape causing a lot of frustration in many countries but concluded with Mike and Jean flying from Brazil non-stop to Cape Town in order to get home.



Cricket Pavilion, Johannesburg Country Club


Free for members, guests R30