Want to try out Scuba diving for FREE??

Sunday, February 12, 2012 - 12:30

Note: This is a open invite and you can bring everyone you knowIf you miss this date, don’t despair. You can go by yourself as this happens almost every Sunday.  Hi everyone. I know that many of you are interested in scuba diving.Here is an opportunity to try it out for free and have a good go at it as well. Not just dunk your face underwater in a Jacuzzi in a little shop somewhere ScubaVersity regularly has free sessions that they call “Discover Scuba” (http://www.scubaversity.com/site/)It is great as you get a brief safety session and then, with just the essential equipment, get to really scuba dive in a HUGE heated pool.The shallow L shape in the pool is around 1m deep and this is where you try the underwater breathing trick the first few times. It is very nice because if you don’t like being underwater you can simply stand up. Then you can calm yourself down and perhaps try again. (you also don’t wear the restrictive diving suit and the heavy weight belt etc. so you are quite “comfortable” and thus calm)It is actually incredibly easy and you breathe naturally. (you don’t have to suck the air from the cylinders and it does not get forced into your lungs either. You breathe normally and effortlessly)If you are comfortable you can move around to the deeper sections of the pool. (it probably depends on the number of people waiting, how long they will let you explore the unknown depths)The deepest section is about 5m deep (but you wont go there)You are under no obligation to pay/buy anything or do a scuba course through them……..although that is the idea behind the day and I am sure they would appreciate the businessOkay enough of the sales pitch. I don’t work for ScubaVersity but I think it is an awesome sport that most people are a little too timid to try out (or don’t know where to go)Here are the facts. Use it, don’t use it……… J Starting time is at 12:30What to bring: Swimming clothes, sun block, hat, towel, etc.What to expect: A much easier and more natural experience than you thought possible. Really nice and friendly people eager to tell you more about their sport.The location: Offers nice green grass to sit and picnic on. A pub and some food (wors rolls for sale the previous time). A little shop for snacks and cold rinks. And a folly ball net/courtThey have 14 instructors so they should be able to handle a big (ESSA?) crowd but perhaps you could/should let me know if you are going to come so I can “warn” them??? Qualified divers are welcome to join in the day and social See you there. p.s. If you have questions you can contact ScubaVersity


ScubaVersity. Cnr Peter & Chestnut Rd Ruimsig