Snake Formation Microlighting

Jay Hyde
Johannesburg Monthly Meeting
Tuesday, December 6, 2011 - 19:00


Speak to any ‘normal and sane’ person about microlight aircraft, those “hanglider with a lawnmower engine contraptions”, and you’ll be reliably informed that they are dangerous death traps that shouldn’t be allowed out the hanger, never mind off the ground.

Fortunately for us we do not consider ourselves either normal, nor sane, and neither does Jay Hyde, microlight and light aircraft pilot and instructor, this months speaker.  Jay has been a pilot since 1994 and has flown weight shift microlight aircraft since 2004, founding the now well known Snake Formation of microlight aircraft in 2005.  Since then he and his fellow formation pilots have battled against prejudice, and their own stupidity and ignorance, to eventually become a well respected and welcome display at airshows around South Africa.  The Snake formation is the only permanent microlight formation display team in South Africa, and one of just a few such teams in the world.  They’ve become well known for their magnificent day and dusk displays, involving pyrotechnics fired from the aircraft, and use all sorts of interesting effects to liven up their display.

Jay will tell us how it all happened, how it works, what close shaves have been involved, explain how he has survived 3 crash landings and one incident where his wheel fell off whilst flying, and how beautiful and exciting it is to fly in close formation with skilled pilots

We will be having supper at the end of the talk at the Country Club  please join us and bring sufficient cash to pay for your dinner  


Cricket Pavilion, Johannesburg Country Club


Free for members, guests R20