Sports Climbing at Chosspile



The Chosspile (at Hartbeespoort dam)


South Africa
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Andrew Louw
Jani Verster
Lauren Marks plus 2
Linda (tentative)
Therese van Wyk
Lara van Nunen (tentative)
Sharon Benade

Good winter’s day to you.

Wanna go climbing on Sunday?
Then join us at Chosspile (Hartbeespoort dam) for the day.

We will meet at Mount Amanzi at 9am to depart for the crag at 9:30. We should reach the climbs at about 10 and I am sure it will be warm enough by then to give it a go.

The entrance procedure on the website is a bit confusing so to clarify: 

  • Every person must first report to Mount Amanzi and sign the indemnity

  • Those who buy year passes must have their name on the list. Their pass expires when the date expires.

  • There is a guard at the crags who gets R5 per visitor, you may tip him additionally if you wish


  • EVERYONE is welcome but the recognized clubs gets a discount. I am assuming it is because they did all the work and sponsored the money to get this crag safe again for the rest of us.

  • R30pp entrance for Members of MCSA, SANCF and Student Clubs (R55 if you want to use the Mount Amanzi facilities)

  • R30pp - 1st guest or non-member accompanying a member

  • R55pp - for all others. (This is the Mount Amanzi entrance fee plus R5-.) This is also the fee if climbers want to make use of pool and restaurant facilities at Mount Amanzi.

Entrance is a bit expensive but they have really put a lot of effort into this location. The new path is nice and the new bridge is good and security is excellent.
Hopefully we will get a few MCSA members to join us and then we can “pair up” to give as many people a discounted “guest” rate as possible.

Hmmmmmmmmm I wonder if we can get ESSA on this elite list of discounted clubs? (but then we will need club ID cards)


Anyway. See you guys there.

P.S. I don’t have the club gear so let me know if you need anything so I can see if I can arrange it…….or arrange for you to get it yourself LOL. (I think the ESSA gear is with Piers)

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Sunday, July 3, 2011 (All day)


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