Lake Tanganyika

Louis Peters
Monthly Meeting
Tuesday, April 7, 2009 - 18:30

 Morné Smit and Louis Peters have made a special trip up from Durban to present their enthralling expedition to Lake Tanganyika.

Until recently the longest lake in the world had never been kayaked from end to end. This changed on 16 August 2008 when the Lake Tanganyika Kayak Expedition came to an end in Burundi’s capitalBujumbura. Morné and Louis, the two South African expedition members, started their journey in Mpulungu Bay in Zambia and paddled a total distance of 770 km up the eastern coast of the lake viaTanzania and Burundi to reach the lake’s northern end. This unsupported expedition took them through very remote areas of these countries. The trip was broken down into four stages with rest days in special places such as Kipili, Mahale National Park and Kigoma. Lake Tanganyika, which is known for its exceptionally large waves, challenged the paddling duo with swells of up to 6 feet. Close encounters with hippos, crocodiles and chimpanzees, breathtaking views and the friendly local folk all provided unforgettable memories


Cricket Pavilion, Johannesburg Country Club