Carol Smith
Monthly Meeting
Tuesday, May 5, 2009 - 19:00

 Have you ever wondered which spiders can poison you and which ones are harmless? Or wished you were comfortable enough with these unfairly maligned insects to pick them up in your hand? Come to Essa this Tuesday evening!


The good news is that there are only five kinds of spiders in SA which are toxic to humans. Carol Smith will show us how to identify them and how to avoid them. She will also entertain us with stories on how she got over her arachnophobia (irrational fear of spiders) and if we are lucky, bring some spiders along for us to play with. No need to worry as she is a first aid expert! Her talk will also cover scorpions.  Although more dangerous than spiders, these creatures are not aggressive -- Carol says normally people only get stung by them walking barefoot in the dark. (Hmmm....does this remind you of anyone you know?)


Cricket Pavilion, Johannesburg Country Club