Winter Solstice Party

ESSA Social
Saturday, June 20, 2009 - 19:00

The end is Neigh! It has come to my attention that my carbon footprint has dropped dangerously low, and this in combination with an unexpected winter equinox and exacerbated by an unusually intense new moon is set to send us spiralling into a ten thousand year ice age. Come and appease the snow demons this Saturday night in the comfort of my atmospherically heated back garden, or we are all doomed.

PS I'm afraid the only god I'm remotely on speaking terms with is Bacchus, who has promised to provide some hot wine with cinnamon. This is where an astronomer type could butt in and explain whether it's always new moon on a winter solstice? And conversely always full moon on a summer solstice? Probably not though, because the solstices are driven by the sun, while phases of the moon are driven by ... the pope? Join us to get at the bottom of this – or maybe rather at the bottom of the Gluewine barrel – at Petes place. A warm fire and Gluehwine spices will be taken care of. Bring: A bottle of wine and some snacks When: 20 June, 7 pm Where: Petes Place, 31 Worcester road, Parkwood.


Pete’s Place, 31 Worcester road, Parkwood