Search of the Picathartes: An introduction to birding in West Africa

Kevin Ravno
Johannesburg Monthly Meeting
Tuesday, October 1, 2013 - 19:00

West Africa is one of Africa's least known areas, yet among the richest in terms of biodiversity. With its tropical climate and abundant rainfall it holds some of the continents rarest, most beautiful and also its strangest birds, perhaps none more so than the seldom-seen Picathartes (perhaps best described as a cross between a crow and a fighting rooster). 

In my talk I will try to share some of my experiences in search of this species as well as a number of other species seen along the way.

General Intro:

I have birded for close to 30 years and has been fortunate to have traveled to a number of interesting destinations mainly in Africa, Asia (China, India, Thailand and Nepal), Europ amd the USA.

Some of the web sites I run are:  (2006-2013)   dedicated to photography of the regions species  (2006-2013)    dedicated to GPS recording of birds  (2008-2013)  dedicated to providing an-up-to-date database showing Southern Africas vagrant bird sightings

My main interests lie in mountain species and I am usually hiking as often as possible. I have also been interested in photography since school and have managed to photograph just over 1500 species now.


Cricket Pavilion, Johannesburg Country Club


Free for members, guests R30