Rock Climbing - beginners day

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Sunday, October 7, 2012 - 10:00

Come join us at this introductory day to the adventure that is “Sport Climbing”.


The climbing for the day will take place in a climbing gym, not outside on real rock, where you will be safely guided and supervised.


To address a concern that everyone has. You do NOT have to be super strong or fit to do this. You definitely do not need to be able to do multiple chin-ups or push-ups. The sport is about balance, control and “standing up”. You hold on with your hands just so you don’t fall over, keep your weight as close to the wall as you can and then you push with your legs…….so if you can get up out of bed in one go, you can climb LOL.


You do not really need to contact/confirm that you are coming (I/we make not money from this). Just rock up with your family/friends, pay the gym for the day, find me and my friends to help you and climb. (


I/we will be there from 10am when the Climbing Barn opens (on 07 October 2012). Since I expect a crowd of you (don’t disappoint me), I organized discounted prices of R45pp (was R65pp), harness at R20pp and if you want them, shoes at R15pp. (just tell them that Andrew organized with Paul for MCSA, Explo prices for you for the day)


There is snacks and cooldrinks for sale at the Climbing Barn, but bring your own lunch. If you want to eat it on the lawns outside, perhaps bring a camping chair or picnic blanket.


There is more info and also a nice map and directions here :


To the advanced climbers:Would you guys mind spending a bit of time coaching and belaying the beginners? And then just keep an eye on them during the day to make sure they are safe and learn safe habits, etc? As you know the beginners will tire themselves out pretty quickly and then you/we will be free to also climb to our heart’s content LOL


Thanks and see you there


The Climbing Barn in Pretoria. For a map, directions and more info go here:


Venue fees