Peter Herbst

Peter Herbst
Pretoria Monthly Meeting
Wednesday, September 19, 2012 - 19:00


"The edge is not a crowded place, not popular and not warm and fuzzy. Extreme diving is for those who don’t mind that. It is expensive and time consuming, and not for everyone. It is for the adventurous, those wanting to know more, wanting to know why and are prepared to take the extra risk involved."

Words spoken by Peter Herbst, our speaker at the next Pretoria ESSAmeeting. When speaking to him, you realise quickly that behind the loud, happy-go-lucky exterior hides a pioneering soul. He is willing to push boundaries where us mere mortals won't go. Peter has been diving since the mid nineties. He quickly became known as BigB, because, well, he's big! Peter is passionate about diving... any kind of diving - underwater photography, cave diving, deep diving, teaching diving or just plain diving! BigB has his own successful diving school and is one of the top trainers in the country. He has logged in excess of 2000 dives all over the world – including ice diving in Denmark and cave diving in Florida. He has many years of experience in teaching divers and managing large groups of people in exotic locations. He loves the bush, the ocean and good food!

Peter will talk about tech diving, rebreathers and some of his more extreme adventures, including a short overview of the well-documented tragedy at Boesmansgat. For further reading on the latter, please go to


The Kiewiet, Rietondale Tennis club


Free for members, guests R30