The first Person to kayak the three tributaries of the Amazon river

Tim Biggs
Monthly Meeting
Tuesday, February 3, 2009 - 19:00

Tim Biggs on the Apurimac

Join Tim Biggs in his amazing quest as he becomes the first person to kayak the three major tributaries of the Amazon River, beginning on the Urubamba River in 1981, continuing on the Apurimac River in 1985, and concluding 23 years later on the Marañón River.

A cast of diverse, heroic, and eccentric characters ensures that the action on the riverbanks matches the action-packed thrills and spills on the river. This promises an unforgettable talk.

During these adventures, Tim manages to fall off a cliff, is shot at, eats ‘delicacies’ that’ll make your stomach turn, almost starves, becomes the enemy of man’s best friend, and survives the Incas’ revenge! And that’s only life on the shore! 

Then there are the rivers, each with their distinct qualities and traits. The Urubamba is unpredictable yet stunningly beautiful, sporting both the ruins of Machu Picchu and the treacherous Torontei Gorge.

 There is the Apurimac , walled in and inhospitable, where infighting among members threatens to sink the highly charged, adrenaline-filled expedition. To make matters worse, politics enters the fray…

The last river in this trilogy is the Marañón. Tim is now in his fifties and leads the expedition, but will he be able to keep up with the young, hotshot swashbucklers that make up the team?

Three Rivers of the Amazon is told with absolute honesty ,and exposes all aspects of river life on the remote rivers of South America. 

As Tim explores the rivers and wonders of the world, he is brave enough to face and admit to the shortcomings in his own life. This results in his exploring another river ― one that ultimately changes the course of his own life


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