Festive season collection of toys for less privileged children

Johannesburg Monthly Meeting
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Saturday, November 10, 2012 - 10:00 to Friday, November 23, 2012 - 12:00

Hi there.


I was inspired by an annual event called the Motorcycle Toyrun (and a work colleague) to send out this little request.


I am sure there are many of you that at some point wanted to “give something” to the less fortunate out there. But how do you do that?

What do you give or how much? How do you know that it will reach your intended recipient and not end up lining someone’s pocket? And personally I don’t want the “guilt trip” associated by actually going to a children’s home and see how they live.


Well here is your chance to do something great and circumvent all those niggling issues.



Would you like to donate a toy(gift) to some Children’s home?


I am not too sure how I will/can collect contributions by the JHB ESSA members as you don’t have any more meetings before this event. You can bring it to my work office in Sunninghill if you want? Or I can meet up with you after work? Perhaps we can make a date and all of you/us meet somewhere for coffee and to get the gifts?

PTA ESSA members have it a bit easier. I can meet you at the next ESSA meeting in PTA on the 21st. You can also come meet me at LC De Villiers sports grounds every Tuesday evening where we do a spot of rock climbing. We are there 6-8pm


I will take the gifts to/on the Toyrun and hand it over.


Gift suggestions:

The bikers tend to take “soft” toys because it is easy to stick into a backpack or under your jacket or even ducktape/cable tie to your bike. They collect mountains of teddies each year.

So I would like to request “harder” toys or toys for the older children from you. The usual gifts somehow also tend to be for the girls, please keep the boys in mind. Consider stuff like Cricket sets, make-up, tricycles, educational toys, paints, etc. School supplies would be awesome (pens, pencils, etc.). Perhaps books to read or toiletry items? Let your imagination go. It really does not have to be expensive and in previous years I have found that if I mention at the counter of the toy shop that I am purchasing for charity, I get discounts and even more donations. I/they would actually prefer gifts that are NOT expensive. They are hard to hand out because they are so much better than the other gifts (causing envy, etc.). (So unless you are donating 20/30 bicycles, please reconsider.)


The Motorcycle Toyrun is celebrating its 30thanniversary this year at the Run taking place on the 25thof November.

The have made all the necessary contacts and everything required to get your gracious gift to those needing it most. The gifts are re-distributed to the needy by recognised service clubs like the Round Table, Rotary International and the Lions Club.


Check out http://www.toyrun.org.za/and the attached flier.


Thank you very much.


p.s. I would need the gifts before/by Friday 23 November.

p.p.s Although this day/event is focussed on the motorcycling community it is open to the public and there will be secured parking for cars and bikes. The public is encouraged to attend and bring their entire family along. The entrance fee being a toy (or many) for the less privileged children around us.




Andrew Louw


082 929 3169


Further reading


In case you don’t know, the event is organised as a few “mass rides” from a few locations. Bikers come together in the hundreds at various locations and ride as one big group to the end point. The way is usually marshalled by police and volunteers to keep it relatively safe. Thousands of bikers arrive at the end point and it is spectacular to see/experience.

Already confirmed for the day are 3 popular bands using the SAB sound stage and over 80 various stalls and food vendors. Other entertainment will be provided to please the crowds.


For the rest, please check out the website J




Benoni Northerns Sports Grounds O'Reilly Merry Street, Benoni


A gift/toy