ESSA Raft repair day and rolling clinic

Equipment Day
Sunday, November 4, 2012 - 10:00

We want to do an inventory of the ESSA storeroom, and some small repairs to gear. The more people we get, the quicker it will go, and the faster we can get onto the fun aspects of the day: rolling, swimming, braaiing and drinking...!

Patching rafts and crocs isn't hard, but it's essential knowledge if you want to do any rafting trip, either with ESSA, or (especially) by yourself.

Kayaks don't need patching (generally), but it helps to be able to roll a kayak right upright if and when you flip over. Like repairing rafts, it's not a difficult skill to learn, but highly essential.

Contact Lewis for more detail on 082 557 7786


The ESSA storeroom, 13 Frere Road Parktown West. Co-ords: S26 10 53.3 E28 01 36.1


Bring some meat, some food, some drinks, costume, towel, suntan lotion.