Batting Thailand trip

Erna Van Schalkwyk & Julio Balona
Monthly Meeting
Tuesday, December 1, 2009 - 19:15


Tom Yum soup and the smell of orange flower water, bright coloured temples and warm foot massages, coconut ice-cream on warm sticky rice, Fleetwood Mac on my ipod whilst exploring an island by scooter, these are a few of my Thailand favourite things.

When work sucks, when I am feeling sad...I simply remember my Thailand favourite things, and then I don’t feel so bad. Like the New Yorkers escape to the Hamptons and the Jo’burgers escape to Natal South Coast, the Bangkokians escape to the Northern mountainous area of Thailand. One would wonder why they do not venture south, to the Islands, the dive-spots and the beaches for which Thailand is so well known for. But urban-legend has it that the Thais, the Siamese of Bangkok, have summer all year and wish to experience colder weather once a year, so that they can make a fire and snuggle-up around it.

Julio and Erna who are members of the Gauteng & Northern Regions Bat Interest Group, toured Thailand in Dec 2008. 

In a land half the size of South Africa but boasting about twice it's bat biodiversity, they made sure they saw as many of their favourite animal as they could. Between the beaches and beer, they encountered the smallest bat in the world, the most beautiful bat in the world, and several other fascinating species. Added to this were numerous other creature experiences, from crab eating monkeys to irate ping pong girls.


Cricket Pavilion Johannesburg Country Club


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