Dawie Arndt and Jeremy Bense
Monthly Meeting
Tuesday, July 6, 2010 - 19:00 to 21:30

An Antarctic double bill will be presented by Dawie Arndt and Jeremy Bense, with Dawie covering his experiences as a member of the SANAE 35 expedition and Jeremy dealing with the construction of the current South African Antarctic base, SANAE IV.

SANAE 35 was the final team to spend a year in the now-defunct SANAE III base, which was buried below the snow of the Fimbul ice shelf on the coast of Queen Maud Land in Antarctica, The crushing of the base by the mass of some 24 metres of accumulated snow led to the construction of SANAE IV on a rocky outcrop (or nunatak) known as Vesleskarvet approximately 150 kilometres inland. Construction could only take place during the summer months, with the construction team facing considerable logistical, technical and environmental challenges. Work commenced in 1993 and the base was officially opened in 1997. For the past 13 years it has served the needs of the South African National Antarctic Programme as well as a number of international expeditions.


Johannesburg Country Club - Cricket Pavilion


Free for members, guests R20