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Vaal River - Parys to Gatsien


South Africa
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Piers Pirow


South Africa
26° 54' 7.8156" S, 27° 26' 29.1984" E

After a very successful GPS Training day, a few ice cold ones and a lekker braai with great friends I was inspired to join Cave Girl on Sunday morning for a rafting trip on the Vaal River – must admit that 6 o’clock Sunday morning it didn’t seem like such a bright idea – but I pulled myself together (and out of bed) and off I went. 
I met Cave Girl at the clubs storeroom in Parklands, where we were joined by 6 additional people, packed the rafts and equipment and left for Parys. Now I just have to share (sorry CG), for GundaGunda’s enjoyment, Cave Girl and I managed to get lost before we even left Johannesburg hehe but ok we have a valid excuse – we didn’t have the GPS with us! 
By the time  we got to the river all was ready (did we work with a plan now, hmm maybe…) and the fun began – and let me tell you, no matter how much the pro’s tell you it’s not a lot of effort, gentle movements are all that’s required – it is very hard work, but loads more fun – especially when you try and impress the guy on the river bank and then get stuck on a large rock and then you giggle too much to get off it and it takes you 5 minutes! 
However, on one rapid we did manage to outsmart the rest and was well ahead of them this (one) time as they all got stuck! Hehe
There are two people per raft, one at the back steering and one in the front paddling. We did about 23 km in 3 hours and quite a couple of rapids – Other than Big Daddy the first real rapid nothing too hectic and no one capsized, but more than enough to get the adrenalin pumping and the muscles working (I could feel a few extra the next day that I didn’t know I had, and we were lucky enough to just get out of the river when the heaven’s opened into a huge downpour – although we were soaking wet already at this point!
The day ended in a very well deserved picnic and cold beers which went down very well!


Saturday, January 24, 2009 (All day)