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 rips and Expeditions for 2001


Great Kei River
Great Kei River - December 2001

One of the jewels of the Eastern Cape. 4 days of remote paddling though mist shrouded valleys at near flood levels. Quite a few monster Grade Vs and lots of runnable Grade IIIs.


Annual Dinner -November 2001

Preller House, Pelindaba - schakus dikus food and merriment everywhere. Some even dared to follow Piers for a mountainbike ride before the dinner. They made it back in time even if they were covered in mud! Chris handed out the awards.


Kayak Course I
Kayak School - November 2001

With so many many new and enthusiastic kayakers we enlisted  Whitewater Training to show us how it should be done. A great weekend on the Vaal. Thanks to Hugh's brilliant coaching an enormous amount was learnt by all.


Formal Dinner - Swaziland
Formal Dinner - October 2001

Tuxedos, long dresses and the finest china. Thats the standard formula for our annual bush dinner. This year it was made even better by the superb views from ontop a large granite dome in central Swaziland.


Lesotho Pony Trek
Lesotho Pony Trek - September 2001

Heidi led a trip into the highlands of Lesotho travelling on the tough Basutho ponies and staying with the local villagers. It sounded superb - please send us a trip report and some photos Heidi!.


Twane Mountain Biking
Twane Mountain Bike Safari - September 2001

We chased the wildebeeest down the dirt roadss, raced the impala across the veld (and lost) and Les even tried to feed the crocodiles - with himself!


The Amphitheatre
The Amphitheatre (Drakensberg) - August 2001

A trip that featured an attempt at ice skating, phantom walkers and strange ice crystals.


Eclipse -June 2001

The first total eclipse of the sun for the new millenium occurred in Southern Africa. During June 2001 Chris K organised a trip to Northern Zimbabwe / Southern Zambia to view this unique event. 200 seconds of totality ensured that they experienced some of the fear and wonder of the ancients. 


Outdoor Expo
Outdoor Expo Kyalami - May 2001

ESSA teamed up with Adventure Zone Magazine to mount a very impressive stand. Lots of new members signed up and the club gained a great amount of publicity. Thanks to all those who gave up their time to hand out leaflets and to talk to the eager newcomers.
We were sorry to see Adventure Zone fold in January 2002, despite its enthusiastic welcome by the adventuring community.


Dragon Boat Racing - May 2001

The Chinese Lunar New Year sees a huge festival of dragon boats, smaaklik chinese food and chinese culture at Florida lake in Johannesburg. ESSA proved surprisingly competitive and managed to oust some much more favoured (and experienced teams).


Northern Cross Trans-Greenland Ski Expedition- April 2001

During 2000 the Society ran a competition to find an expedition that epitomised the exploring spirit of South Africans. The first prize was a sponsorship of R10 000 to the most inspiring proposal. Undoubtedly Cornel Grobler's slide show of his first dramatic attempt to ski across Greenland powered mainly by Macadamia nuts stuck in many of the voting committee's heads when the final decision came to be made!Cornel and his team sucessfully skied during April 2001unsupported across the Greenland ice cap in 21 days.


Richtersveld - April 2001

This journey originated as Joey's thirtieth birthday bash. Five days of paddling thought the most vibrant and naked geological formations in South Africa. Enlivened by the sounds of Tony's guitar across the still waters of the orange in the evenings.


Thunder Alley - March 2001

A group from the CSIR joined us for this desert rafting trip through the sun blasted canyons of Thunder Alley.


Usutu River - March and April 2001

On successive weekends we went to run both the upper and lower Usutu whitewater sections in Swaziland. As both trips turned into minor epics nobody got a chance to take any photos!


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