Tiffendele Ski Resort





South Africa
Trip Participants


Ollie Brunke
Willy Lawson
Tania Wimberley
Paul Wimberley
Mark Van Bavel
Lesley McGreggor
Les McCall

Day 1

4:30am, Willy's place for early wakeup call and coffee and then into his Pajaro for the trip down to the mountains on the south eastern side of Lesotho. We notice Willy packs a brick into the drivers side which was to be used extensively both on the way down and back again. Our hostess falls asleep on her passengers as the pilot puts the brick on the accelerator to maintain our speed at a blur The road up the mountain was very scenic with a pair of Secretary birds been spotted on the way up. The check in to the resort was what explorers expected , Old Brown Sherry and a spirited blond who was only too keen to show me the patch of snow. Ski lesson number 1. Snow Plough After everyone had got kitted out in the hire shop we lined up for the first part of the entertainment to begin. One person would simply disappear backwards and some would noisily crash into the net while another would fall over into the person next to them causing a domino effect .Thank heaven for the net and this was the short 12 metre slope. Evenings at the resort are spent in the pub , arguably the highest pub in South Africa at 2750m Gluevine was consumed aplenty either in the upright or inverted position before wholesome food was enjoyed with a waitress or two ( in Lesley’s case the food and beverage manager )then back to the bar for more elbow greasing,


Day 2.

A peaceful and comfortable chalet saw most of us up early( except Willy who snores in his sleep -I shared the room with our dear Uncle.)Breakfast was really good and then it was back to the nursery slope to test our newly learnt skills found some of us in the nets again and some stars like Uncle Willy, Tania and Paul take on the middle slope. Chris found that turning to the left meant you really wanted to go right. After a while he had really got acquainted with the nets and the by now hardened snow. Doug was flailing away( in shorts) with arms and legs. Nursery slope was just not for him so he had a go on the middle slope,"Great Calves Doug". The middle slope was just too much for some (myself in particular) and after some blurish downhill dashes one would be getting familiar with the nets again. A gully was gouged out from the snow by yours truly and was apply called Les Gully. Ollie , Mark and Puddles of course had ignored us as they have done this before and made some of us look like beginners. We did look the part if nothing else .With bruised limbs and hips we went off for the customary Gluevine or five and some staff entertainment. Uncle Willy was given a bib to wear for the rest of the evening and then it happened, This absolutely gorgeous woman the best he had ever seen comes over and asks him to dance and ......... Uncle Willy refuses .A verbal bashing ensues and dear Uncle hastilly puts his bib on again. More Gluevine ,more dancing and even more wimpering from the Uncle.


Day 3.

By now the nets had separated the skiers from the boys and Les’ Gully had won the morning first few rounds with ease. Doug had mastered the rare art of skiing with leg and arms all moving out of sink with one another and what's more he still had his shorts on. Olie and Mark found the middle slope boring, Uncle had to go for a walk to console the mountains, Paul and especially Tania looked so graceful it was frightening Chris was delighted to have found the nets again, Debby preferred the side lines and I had this F ...... gully written on both my by now severely bruised hips. At 2750 metres above sea level , if you went out for a walk you found yourself looking for more breath. A poor day in the gully and our National cricket side equalling the days effort found us in the bar with more of the good stuff. They have a pair of skis screwed to the ceiling so that you can test your drinking skills inverted. At dinner Lesley took a shine to the food and beverage managers arse so I asked him over and told him. Exit Lesley under the table. Then on to the waitress who was commanded to kiss all the guys in the group and Doug (in Shorts) got the nod for the best kisser a waste when she could have got all the experience at the other end of the table .Back to the bar and Uncle Willy puts on his bib again,


Day 4.

The snow machines had worked throughout the night to partially prepare the main 600 m slope and Olie, Mark and Lesley, Willy and strangely Doug tried it out with good success. Paul and Tania had a revise of confidence on this slope cashing into the ski lift. On the middle slope Les’ gully was no longer a feature of the days events and Chris had occasionally found that the nets were really for beginners. The trip back was uneventful with the brick been well used


Trip cost R 630 plus your bar ,travelling and hire finished up at about R875 for four days



Thursday, May 27, 1999 (All day) to Sunday, May 30, 1999 (All day)


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