Sterkfontein Dam getaway weekend





South Africa
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Pete Van Meelis
Lewis Coosner
Richard Van Breda


Sterkfontein Dam
20 kms from Harrismith
South Africa
28° 25' 8.6664" S, 29° 3' 54.4032" E


Join us for a great trip to Sterkfontein dam 23kms outside Harrismith on the R74. We'll be taking all our toys - boats, kayaks, windsurfers, bicycles, hiking boots, kites, fishing rods -  so there's lots to do.  And if you're not feeling energetic, you can just sit and watch the weather change over the dam: a guaranteed four seasons per day!

Be prepared for anything at Sterkfontein - radical weather, ranging from mega-cold, mega-hot, rain, mist, snow on the far mountains and of course a bit of wind. With  incredible sunrises and sunsets to make it all worthwhile...

Depending on the interest shown (or lack thereof), we may combine the beginner's weekend trip with this trip.

There are a number of options for accomodation, depending how much of an explorer you are. There are 17 fully equipped chalets that can sleep up to 80 people. Relatively close to the chalets, there is a caravan park/camping site with a full, clean ablution block. And there is nearly unlimited camping anywhere near to the water's edge (with only one or two small badly maintained small ablution blocks close by - we use the ones at the caravan park about a kilometre away).

Twitchers are even welcome as there is a great vulture restaurant nearby.

Note to possible trip leaders: It's a very easy trip to organise. Basically you only have to organise accommodation. There are only the 3 accommodation options mentioned above: in the chalets, in the caravan park/camp site, and anywhere else (right on the water's edge is my first choice). For the first 2 options, you will have to book and pay a deposit for a chalet or two or a campsite or three depends on how many people are interested. Camping at the water's edge means you just arrive and pitch your tent. You will be at the mercy of the weather - all 4 seasons per day! But it's pretty awesome. There are no ablution blocks close by unfortunately (at least not any in good repair). But a quick drive or cycle up the hill to the caravan park ablution block isn't a problem.


Saturday, April 24, 2010 (All day) to Sunday, April 25, 2010 (All day)


Mountain biking