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Hi peeps.

Come and join us for a fun day of climbing at Bronkies.

As most of you know there is a really great selection of easy, do-able and difficult routes. So everyone usually gets lots of climbing done, regardless of your skill level. Entrance is R20pp.
Bring water, snacks, hats, sunblock and your climbing gear. 

We will meet at CSIR at 8am to carpool and we will try to leave by 8:30. It is about a hour’s drive to Bronkies.
We will meet at the first CSIR gate as your drive north on Meiring Naude from Lynwood road. If you turn right at the CSIR sigh you will come to a traffic circle just before the security gate. There is safe parking on the your left side and security will watch your car the whole day (For free LOL)

Let me know if you need gear…….IF some senior ESSA or MCSA members come on the trip we might be able to organize you some equipment. ESSA equipment fees are R20pp for PAID UP members only BUT they don’t have lots of stuff because they are not a climbing club (a few ropes, 4-6 harnesses and some helmets)

I am not sure that MCSA will be coming along so I don’t know that we will have some gear from them.

If you ask really nicely perhaps we can ask some of the climbers coming if they have some extra “private” gear to lend you hahahaha

See you there.



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Saturday, February 26, 2011 (All day)