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Hello everyone.


Please take notethat if you want to participate in any RAFTING/KAYAKING activity along with the ESSA group, then you need to be a paid up ESSA member.

Sorry, but the club needs to procure and maintain the equipment and since we are not a commercial entity we don’t “make money” on the trips and the result is that the brunt of costs have to be carried by the few paid up members (pushing membership fees up for the enjoyment of non members).

(and there are legal concern re indemnities, insurances, etc)



I sincerely apologize for this terrible introduction but membership fees are only R200pp per year. (R300 per family)

THINK ABOUT it for a second!!!!!!!!!!

After membership fees the only club costs are for the maintenance kitty of the gear (if applicable).

So if you come rafting again (and you will) the cost will be only R40pptowards the club kitty (with whatever other costs such as entrance into the campsite etc, for your own account)

Now where else are you ever going to do a white river rafting trip for R40???? Hmmmmmmm??


It’s a bargain I tell you LOL


Hehehe….I always get carried away with these things and THIS particular mail has been in draft for weeks now. I tweaked it every now and again but has always placed it on hold (this weekend I wanted to go to Boven but I have changed my mind). So let me give you the short version quickly

Camping (if you want to), rafting, climbing, braaing, relaxing, biking, hiking, etc taking place this coming long weekend 19-20 March at Pelindaba Picnic area (Monkey village)

Camping and entrance fees directly payable at the entrance.

Rating and Kayaking ONLY permitted to full paid up ESSA members and the fees apply as applicable and explained below.

Climbing is open to visitors and fees apply as applicable and explained below.

Cater for yourself. Bring your own food and drink. Bring charcoal if you want to braai and remember the sunblock and chairs




Now for the trip details LOL

Following the great mini-adventure organized by Pierse, I am organizing something similar but I am going to downscale it considerably and I am not going to put in anywhere the same amount of effort that he did for his weekend.


The organized activities for this weekend will be a run down the Crocodile river and climbing the crag called Radioactive.

There is also hiking and mountain biking opportunities from the camp site.


Our “base camp” will be the Monkey village picnic area of Pelindaba. They have lovely swimming pools and a braai area and the river and climbing area is within walking distance……well perhaps the crag is a bit far with all the climbing gear on your back Jbut the river is 200m down the road. (crag probably 800m).


I would like to spend one day climbing (typically climbing till early afternoon and then relax for the rest of the day)

And one day rafting the Crocodile river. We will do a 15km stretch and take out at Pelindaba (where we started rafting during the adventure weekend)



Revised programme for the weekend:

18-19 March                  Arrive at the picnic area Friday evening or early Saturday morning. (I will be there early on Saturday)

19 March                       Find our way to the climbing routes and spend the day climbing (it is easy to find and “late comers” can find their own way there and back).

Later the afternoon we can find our way back to the picnic area to swim, braai and relax.

I also suggest that the new kayakers recap on rolling, t-rescue and wet exit. Perhaps we should go and try this in the river instead of the pool??

20 March                       Wake up very early and find our way to the put-in point for the rafting. We usually put in at a low water bridge kinda east of Home of the Chicken Pie. Some of us are wondering and thinking about adding a bit to the route and putting in at Lanseria instead. We typically take about 1.5-2 hours to do the offloading and driving around etc, so lets get started early.

21 March                       Unfortunately I am not going to stick around for the day. I will pack up during the morning and will also be taking the club gear that I brought along away with me.

Those that want to, can relax on the picnic grounds or do whatever they want to.

You can hike a bit, do another few climbing routes, if you have your own gear you can do the 4km down to the bridge, mountain bike, etc.




This one is easy J.

You cater for yourself. Bring your own food, snacks and drink. If you want to braai, bring wood and charcoal. If you want coffee or eggs for breakfast, then bring a gas stove and skottel braai.

There are braais and grids on site.

Remember your chairs and it would be really comfortable if one of two of you could bring fold up tables.

Remember swimming clothes, sunblock, hats, tents, etc.

There is no shops in site but there is a garage close by and better shops at Harties.




You HAVE to let me know if you are coming and if you need club equipment.

ESSA has two-person crocks for the rafting. (inflatable boats)

ESSA also has a few kayaks.

And ESSA has only FOUR climbing harnesses and some ropes. This should be enough as not everyone can climb at the same time


Take note:We are probably going to need you to help yourself re the equipment. If you are interested in rafting and you want to use a ESSA raft and you are from the JHB area, PLEASE (with sugar on top) go and fetch the raft at store. One rolled up raft will fit in most car boot’s and if you have a bakkie and is willing to do it for us, you can probably get 4-5 rafts on a Bantam.

Remember ESSA is not a commercial entity and no-one is getting paid to run after you. We help ourselves and each other to have fun and make trips easy.




There is only one cost that the group will have to “split” and that is to pay the guide to take us down the river. Dave does the river commercially probably 3-4 times a week and he knows it like the back of his hand. We need him as there might be new obstacles in the water and he can easily access the skill level of the group and safely guide us through he rapids so we have minimal “extreme fun” (people getting stuck on rocks, getting bounced out of the Crocks, kayaks falling over, etc).

All other costs are per individual requirements and easy to calculate.


If you are not a member and would like to join, please go onto the ESSA website, complete the form and make your payment. Please do it during the week so we don’t have “confirmation” issues on the weekend:


Exploration Society of SA, Standard Bank - Parktown, Acc. No. 200838210, Branch Code 0355. Please provide your name and a contact number as reference.

The ESSA the fees for 2011 are R200 for singles or R300 for families of two and R100 extra per family member over 18 years.


Other fees will be made up as follows and you will pay directly in Cash



Rafting (pay me directly)


Guest fees/d

River guide portion

Own gear

Sub total

Croc use/d

Kayak use/d




R 50

R 0


R 40

R 80


Non Members


R 50

R 0


R 40

R 80




Climbing (pay me directly)


Guest fees/d

Own gear

Sub total

Club gear/d




R 0


R 20


Non Members

R 50

R 0


R 20




Pelindaba (pay at the gate/entrance)


Day entrance/pp



Members - Adult

R 30

R 50


Members - Child

R 20

R 50


Non Members - Adult

R 30

R 50


Non Members - Child

R 20

R 50



Pelindaba info:


Gate Opens: 7:00

Gate Closes: 19:00


-           No Loud music on the premises please. Please respect other visitors.

-           No litter. Please use bins provided.

-           Do not feed the baboons. They might get aggressive.

-           No glass bottles inside the pool or pool area. Swimming is at own risk. Parental guidance is requested for kids at pool area as well as other areas on site.

-           Please drive slow at all times. No reckless driving.

-           Disturbing the peace. You will be escorted from the premises.

-           No parking of vehicles on the grass. Please park at parking areas provided.

-           Remember this is an outdoor venue. Snakes and other insects might be a possibility.

-           Use water sparingly.

-           No fires prohibited outside BBQs.

-           Any damage will be charged for accordingly.

-           Please respect the environment. Breaking of trees and other plants prohibited.




Remember to confirm with me and tell me how many in your party, what gear you are bringing or what you will need.

I am also going to have to coordinate your pickup of your croc at the club store. So let me know.

The club Owns only SO many Crocs and kayaks so first come…….. J

Also let me know when you will be joining us (Just for info). I am only going on Saturday morning early



Enjoy your day and if I don’t see you, enjoy your weekend.




Mountain biking
Rock climbing
Star Gazing


Saturday, March 19, 2011 (All day) to Monday, March 21, 2011 (All day)