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For the pretty unusual experience of……………………….………....(wait for it)…

………………….………….. sleeping in the Pretoria Zoo!!!!!

If we are lucky we will be woken by the mighty roar of lions 

This “soft” adventure includes a guided night tour, a self-cater braai and social, camping/sleeping over as well as the entire next day to explore the zoo as you want.

If you ever wanted to try “sleeping under the stars”, this is the place to try it. You feel pretty exposed but with the thousands of people visiting the zoo, there are no “nasties” to fear. (no spiders crawling into your sleeping bag hahahahaha)

Arrive at the Zoo at 4-4:30pm on Saturday afternoon, 22 June. (at the service entrance in Boom street. NOT the main entrance… past it for a bit)

At 5pm we will be collected and taken into the zoo. (don’t be late)

The night tour will start promptly at 6:30 (so we don’t have too much time carrying our stuff to the picnic area and setting up tents)

On Sunday morning we will need to get up early because we need to have left the picnic area (clean and clear) by 7:30am.

We can then come back in and enjoy the Sunday in the zoo.

Stuff provided:

Night tour;

Camp space (big lawn in picnic area);

Bench tables/seats;

Braais, boma and wood;


Safe parking for your car;

Free access on Sunday.


Stuff not provided (& that you need to bring):


Food (& snacks);



Tents (if you want…I am going to sleep outside);


Sleeping bag/blanket;


Whatever else you need to camp and be comfortable (kettle, coffee, ice, etc)

PLEASE be aware that your car will be parked by the service entrance (inside the zoo and safe) but you will need to carry all your stuff about 5-600m to the camp site. Don’t bring too many loose things (pack bags that are easier to carry) and don’t bring too much.

(last time I did this they allowed us to drive a car into the zoo and we packed the bigger stuff like cooler boxes into this car, but still needed to carry things. I cannot say that they will allow us to do that again)


Take note that there are no shops open at night in the zoo and that you will not be able to leave to go to a shop quickly. So bring everything you need.

Costs are R135 per adult and R90 per kid

I need to confirm this booking by making payment to the zoo by Monday the 10th June.

Kids are welcome (my sister with her kids are coming)


If you want to join us, you need to pay Andrew in this week to confirm your place.

Please contact Andrew for banking details on





Saturday, June 22, 2013 (All day)