Pelindaba Mini Adventure Day



Pelindaba and crocodile river


South Africa
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Piers Pirow
Lewis Coosner

If you are not a full on adventure racer or need to do some light training and love a bit of hiking, climbing, abseiling (optional), rafting and a good braai and even camping on the day before or after by the Crocodile river all in one day then diarize the 19thFebruary (Saturday) reading is hardly required as the trail is pretty self explanatory (this is not orienteering or an adventure race). I will give you a google earth map with a trail marked on it.  This really is for average folk and no special skills are required (except being able to walk and swim). The climbing is for those who want to. I should have mentioned that Pelindaba has a beautiful camp site right where we finish with everything so come and camp after the event (or before) so bring camping gear.   Contact me :  if you coming ASAP.Maps will be issued and a GPS track with waypoints of the entire route is available for download too. Kit will be hiking gear (hat, sunscreen, 30 l backpack, 2 l water, energy food,  (gps is optional), water proof bag, paddling gear and climbing gear (all to be taken with you from the start) and meat and drinks for the braai at the end. To see more about the area go to [[wysiwyg_imageupload:18:]]

 Costs will beR140 for paid up ESSA members  (covering raft fund, climbing equipment, hike fees, braai area, braai food, maps, etc) - to be paid into the ESSA account up front.

 Please let me know ASAP(e mail me)if you coming along (minimum 10 people requiredand max 40). Cut off day will be  14thFeb as equipment needs to be planned. More details will follow closer to the time.

 If you are interested to become a member of ESSA the fees for 2011 are R200 for singles or R300 for families of two and R100 extra per family member over 18 years. Visit the ESSA website (, complete the electronic application form and pay your membership fee by bank transfer to: Exploration Society of SA, Standard Bank - Parktown, Acc. No. 200838210, Branch Code 0355. Please provide your name and a contact number as reference.

Start Time






Park your car and meet at NECSA Picnic site next to braai area and prepare yourself




Receive instructions, GPS co ords and maps,water proof your gear,,pump up raftsput on lifejacket, helmet, grab a paddle, listen to safety talk and guides.



Start paddling down river  (4km  with grade 1 and 2 rapids)




arrive at take out point on RHS just before the R512 bridge (S25 47 47.8 E27 53 45.5).




Take out rafts and get on your hiking gear,start hike (total dist 7.5km). Hike up next to the river and joining the Phaladingwe Hiking trail route




arrive at climbing point (with a fixed top rope grade 16 climb or more challenging routes), climb or hike to top of abseil point




arrive at Abseil point and abseil to bottom




continue hiking to climbing wall on water tower




climb to top of climbing wall (optional), descend and walk 400m to picnic site




Arrive at Picnic site, jump into the swimming pool



stuff your face, drink beer  and lounge around the beautiful braai area – swim, birdwatch, paddle, MTB etc if you still have energy. (watch out for baboons)



Saturday, February 19, 2011 (All day)


Rock climbing