Orange river rafting



Orange River Hopetown to Douglas


South Africa
Trip Participants


Paul Marais
Sharron Reynolds


The stretch we're going to do is from above  Hopetown to Douglas (near  
Kimberley). It's a truly mellow section of the Orange, with mostly  
lazy meandering flats & lovely sandy dune-beaches.  There are a few  
current accelerations & 'wave-trains' further down, & the river  
narrows into a shallow, ebony rock-sculptured gorge.

There are a few  
more serious rapids we have to negotiate, but we will decide once we  
are there, whether to raft them or not.  This is a perfect river for  
beginners and good for a relax.  The river flows through semi desert  
and boasts wonderful night skies, early morning wildlife and great  

 From Jhb, it's about an 8hr trip by car to get to the start point,   
then for the drivers a 2 hr drive around so a full day     We meet  
Saturday morning, 29th Dec at the storeroom at 6.30am.  Sort out  
equipment; pack cars; leave (usually if no-one is late by 7:30) and  
then drive without unnecessary stopping till  lunch,  Please bring  
some sandwiches etc for breakfast as we won't be doing the wes  
transvaal wimpy tour but will stop in Kimberley for a spur lunch, as  
the drive around at the end of the day has to be factored in.    At  
river, drop off equipment.  Then drivers take cars around to take-out  
point (a farm, where we have the farmers' permission & a safe place to  
leave our vehicles); the rest will pump boats/ sort out equipment/ 
meals/ prepare supper for the evening.  The drivers will then return  
in one car & leave it at a secure place at the farm where we start.  
We'll only get on the river on morning of 30th, then raft till 2nd.  
Pack morning of 3rd and drive; drive back to jhb.

As for costs:- Petrol on the way down is included but lunch on the  
first and last day is not.  Food on the river will be supplied and we  
need to know beforehand of any allergies or food preferences.   The  
Total cost all in should not be more than  R 1300 (depending on petrol / cars etc) 
If the trip works out cheaper you  will get a refund, and hopefully it stays within this budget.

Cars:- please let us know if you are willing to take your car along  
for transport and how many people you are comfortable taking with in  
your car.  We also  have lots of gear to get to the river so bakkies  
are also welcome

What to bring:-
sleeping bag & pillow(last optional, but we've had many whingers  
complaining they didn't know they were allowed to)
gopher/sleeping mat of sorts
mug/knife/fork/spoon (please don't bring a plate as we have plates  
that all fit together saving eons of space)
toiletries & sunblock
hat(a peak is good to wear with a helmet)
Shorts & T-shirts
Warmer clothes for evening, eg track suit/ windcheater
Sundowners(especially for New Years' Eve!)
water bottle
Dry bag if you have - nothing worse than sleeping in a wet sleeping  
bag - if you don't have a dry bag please make sure all your "stuff" is  
3x wrapped in thick strong bin bags  (personally in over 20 years of  
rafting I have found the bin bags the best !!
Camera is optional but again make sure it waterproof!!

Please dont bring anything else as space on the boats is not infinite  
(it's actually around a 30l day pack per person) and it's no fun  
paddling with it on your lap

Please let us know if you have any further questions.  Contact either  
Sharon or myself, Paul.  Will keep you guys posted



Monday, December 29, 2008 (All day) to Saturday, January 3, 2009 (All day)