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Mountain Sanctuary Park - Magaliesburg


South Africa
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Lewis Coosner
Rebecca Smith


Day Trip to Mountain Sanctuary Park – 15 May 2010

MountainSanctuary Parkis a private nature reserve in the Magaliesberg mountains, five hundred feet above the Grootfontein valley. The reserve is approximately 120 km west of Johannesburg and 90 km west of Pretoria.

The reserve is primarily a hiking reserve and visitors have access to approximately 1000 hectares of land. You will not be restricted to set routes and will have the freedom to walk around as you like, either on-trail or off. Walking times and routes can vary anywhere between fifteen minutes and eight hours. On your hikes you will encounter lovely crystal clear mountain pools which contain the purest mineral water that is suitable for both drinking and swimming. 

We enjoyed a beautiful sunny day in the park. Most people arrived and headed off in different directions for walks up to the gorge and cliffs and then around to the western pools. Average time spent walking was 2-3hours.  We settled down in the camp site for a picnic lunch with brightly coloured flying locusts filling the blue skies.

After a quick walk, after lunch, down to the rapids, we wrapped up and headed back to Joburg.  It is a beautiful place to spend a day and the next trip will definitely be a sleep over, as there are so many different walks that can be done, not everything can be covered in one day. Thanks to all those who participated.









Saturday, May 15, 2010 (All day)


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