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Andrew Louw

MCSA is organising their annual outing to the Wellingtons Dome. It is a very cool weekend worth the effort to attend.

Please contact: Neil Margetts. 083 669 3028, for more information and bookings.

Please be aware that there might be an additional guest fee (about R40-50) if you don’t belong to MCSA

Guarded Meet at Wellington Dome 14 to 16 June 2013

The MCSA JHB and Magalies sections have again taken the initiate to keep access to this popular winter climbing area. The venue is too hot in summer but it is always so nice to soak up the sunshine on the yearly Wellingtons pilgrimage. The multi pitch sport climbing on the big granite dome offers pleasant technical face climbing at reasonable grades. There are over 20 multipitch sport climbs of grade 20 and below. We have secured the services of the affirmative action company Mampope Security Services, located in Makopane. We will split this extra cost with the people attending.

Getting there

Take the N1 to Pretoria to Mokopane (the town used to be called Potgietersrus). Take the first offramp to Mokopane and follow the R101 (old road) into Mokopane, about half way through the town you will turn left into Nelson Mandela Drive which becomes the N11 to Botswana. Drive for about 36km from the end of the town along the N11 past a concrete bus stop to Jaap’s farm house on the right just after a small shop/stall. Go in, unpack, put the fresh stuff in the fridge. On Saturday morning early (8 am) the guards will meet us there and go in to the crag with us. To get to the climbing, drive back about 5 km to where there is a gate in the electric fence surrounding the property (on the south side of the road). Drive through the gate and turn immediately left. On the way to the main dome (where the road ends), you will pass the Sarcophagus area on your right hand side. The main dome is further on. A car with a bit of clearance will be needed. There is some bouldering near the back and to the left of the Sarcophagus. You can contact the farmer, Jaap, on 072 425 0349 if you have any questions.

Food and accommodation

Please camp in the area provided by the farmer Jaap Möller, which is on the lawn outside the Lapa. The camping has ablutions etc. There is a fridge and a stove, but only one plate works. Bring a kettle, it will be useful. Braaiing is always on the cards with a small cost for Jaap’s special long lasting wood. Sleeping in the Lapa is an option. Hot shower and flush toilet available. Women can use the cleaner inside toilet if they ask Jaap nicely.

Main costs are: R40 per night, for accommodation and other standard travelling costs (similar to if you going to Boven from JHB). Jaap has a new addition on offer for those who dislike the cold camping. He has 3 double rooms in his house for R150 per person per night. (The use of the house kitchen is not included.) The caravan is also on offer for R100 per person per night max 4 people. Contact Amanda on 084 606 8888 to place orders or book rooms/caravan. The rooms/caravan will be on a first come basis. Please make bookings only with her to avoid confusion. The cost of the guards will be about R100 for the weekend per person.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to phone me:

Johannesburg - Neil Margetts 083 669 3028



Rock climbing


Friday, June 14, 2013 (All day) to Sunday, June 16, 2013 (All day)