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Kraai River


South Africa
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Piers Pirow

Well, the plan was to shoot a 7 day stretch of the Kraai River near Barkly East. Even the best laid (and they were well laid) plans can fall apart though. Rains over South Africa hadn't bothered to make an appearance by December, so the team was met by a gravel bed with some pools of water that was trying to pass itself off as the Kraai... No danger, try the Kei, that is bound to have water? Well, there was enough water to cover the knees of a heron, but not enough to put boats on. There were a number of disbelieving team members who had experienced the Kei at the opposite end of the scale 2 years previously, where keeper holes the size of garages were the order of the day. No sweat, do the mighty Mzimvubu, always got water, one of the biggest rivers in the country. Archie put a brave face on it by attempting to croc though the mud, but the idea of a river trip was given up at that point and the crew fragmented, some returning to JHB, while others managed to salvage the trip to a degree by doing a section of the Wild Coast trail from Mbotyi to Msikaba, which turned out to be rather exceptional!


Friday, December 12, 2003 (All day) to Saturday, December 20, 2003 (All day)