Horse Riding and Braai at Danielsrust Game Farm





South Africa
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Rebecca Smith
Sharron Reynolds
Rusla Ravnsborg
Dave and Janine Peck
Gaye Crossley and friend
Jacqui Coosner and friend

Danielrust game farm has a count of 700 game, the farm is next to the Lion and Rhino park, so nice and close to Joburg for those who don't want to travel too far. We did a 2 hour ride across the rolling golden hills of the highveld. We saw many a buck, including, zebra, wildebeest, blesbuck, eland, springbuck, waterbuck.

From all the trips I have done in game reserves I have never seen so many different species of buck in such numbers congregated together. It was a rare sight and one I shall never forget.

We were lucky enough, for those who could ride, that we got a faster outride, we split half way, where the "walkers" went through all the game. A special feeling as I have been told, being on a horse and so close to game that you could reach out and touch them. We went off for a canter round the perimeter.

Michelle who took the ride was full of interesting facts, from the farms history to all the mining that had been done in the area, to the tack room that was a school in the 1800's. The old smelter house is now converted into the toilets, but the old chimneys can still be seen.

There is also a graveyard on the property that has unnamed graves going back to the anglo-boer war. Funny enough in those days if you made it past 2yrs, you would live into your 80s, no inbetweeners!

We finished of the day with a relaxing braai with an ostrich as company. Afterwhich, with stiff legs we made our way home. A pleasant day enjoed by all! 

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Sunday, May 22, 2011 (All day)