Horse Ride and Sleep Over at Danielsrust Farm - Write up





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All os us and a horse posing for the photo!

Another cold front hits Gauteng for the next horse riding trip, thank goodness it was not as cold as Rietvlei. The group gathered at a pub before we set off to the farm to watch the Durban July but ended up missing it as a bunch of rugby supporters changed the channel!  We headed out to the farm instead and set up camp, chatted and mingled as we got ready to braai for the evening. We ended up braaing in the barn as the wind was too bitterly cold to sit around the pit fire. The evening was spent catching up and telling stories. We retired to the tobacco kiln for a good night’s sleep to be up the next morning, bright a breezy to get breakfast on the go before the ride; a good cook up of sausage, bacon and scrambled egg mix.

We saddled up and rode off across the farm for an hour and a half ride. As many of the buck had separated out into smaller breeding herds, we did not get to see them all standing around in one large group like last time, a disappointment to some as it was the highlight of ride. Instead small groups were dotted across the golden rolling hills. We saw blesbok, zebra, eland, wildebeest and springbok prancing.  

The original farm house was built in 1837 which was discussed as to how they managed to set up a fully functional farm before the gold rush even hit Johannesburg, which was some 50 years later. After the ride we wondered around the family grave yard, where some unnamed British soldiers have been buried in unmarked graves that had died on the property during the Anglo Boer war. It is amazing to see that even in the early 1900’s, if you got through the flu at 2, you had a very long life, 80 years being the average. Hard work in gruelling circumstances seem to make a good a long life!


The tobacco kiln that we spent the night

Herd of Eland

Trekking across the golden plains of the highveld


Andrew and his long legs

Having a drink and blowing bubbles

Herd of Zebra




Pony trekking


Saturday, July 7, 2012 (All day) to Sunday, July 8, 2012 (All day)