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Trip:                         Hiking at Mountain Sanctuary Park Date:                       4-6 March 2011, gate closes at 8pm on friday. Accommodation:      Camping Catering:                  Self catering Cost:                        R160 per person  

What a wonderful camping weekend in the Magaliesburg Mountains. We arrived minutes before the gate closed after battling 2.5 hours of Joburg traffic to escape the rat race and unwind in tranquility. Many couldn't beat the friday afternoon traffic and arrived early on saturday morning. After a scrumptious breakfast of steak and mushrooms in a red wine and cream sauce on toast, we were energized to start the hike. 


We all set out to do the route around MSP together, with a couple of other day visitors that joined so not to get lost. The hike started off by heading out towards the eastern pools and up to the grotto, the catchment area for the camps water. 

We rested and had a bite to eat under the waterfall of fresh clean water.

The water is sweet, cool and refreshing, soooo much better than chlorinated tap water of Joburg.  After which we then headed towards the western pools, across the sandstone rocks carved from many of years of rivers washing over them. 



Sharron, Leon, Rusla and I decided the group was going in the wrong direction and with us falling so far behind decided we would follow the river back to the western pools for a cool off swim. 


We climbed down the gorge into the river and slowly stepping as not to slip worked our way down the river, to reach a waterfall…with a large deep pool below it.

As we had all our cameras, cell phones and other electronics that don’t really like swimming, it was agreed, due to my knee op that Sharron and Leon would climb back out the gorge and make their way along the top with all the goodies. Rusla and I slid down the waterfall and plopped into the clear pool.

We worked our way down the river from pool to pool, 




to finally meet up with the rest of the group that was now working their way up the river to the slippery slide waterfall. 


We spent the afternoon relaxing at the pools, cooling off from the heat of the day.





















To end the day some went mountain biking, some went running, whilst others lazed around the pool. 








Once back at camp, the night’s dinner was in preparation, it was a leg of lamb potjie cooked by Gert-Jan. Although some thought the wait to be incredibly long with stomachs rumbling to the smell that wafted from the pot, the wait was well worth it. The potjie was delicious with meat so tender it fell from the bone, complimented by a pumpkin grown in Lindin’s own garden. 

For the last day we had sweetcorn fritters, scrambled eggs and bacon and sausage breakfast. Whilst some keen hikers did the route again, others left to head back home. Paul cycled up Breede’s neck to join us for the day, with Vanessa bringing her car to travel home in luxury. We headed out to the rapids to hike up towards the western pools. We found more pools further down from where we were the day before and yet again climbed down into the gorge for a swim. There was another waterfall that, sitting under it felt better than any massage you could’ve had. We made our way back to camp, we sat around, lingering not wanting to go home, not to end the glorious weekend.


Friday, March 4, 2011 (All day) to Sunday, March 6, 2011 (All day)


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