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Hennop’s trail


South Africa
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I thought it could be nice to do an easy hike this weekend.

As I am unsure of the weather, I tried finding a trail quite close to us that still looks interesting and found the Hennop’s trail (40km from JHB and 25km from Pta on the R511)

We have two trail options at 11.33km and 6.15km. I am guessing that the average hiking speed is around 2km/hour so the trails should take us 6 or 3 hours to complete….that is ignoring breaks and lunch and stuff.

So I suppose we should get started early LOL

I spoke to the booking people and they stated that they walk the longer trail in about 4 hours. But I suppose that is without “looking” at anything.


How does 7:30 for 8:00 sound ?


The costs are R45 per adult and R25 per child.

The trails start at the picnic area and there are swimming pools and braai facilities for afterwards.


I believe there are quite a bit of game around and also some nice rock formations and we are crossing streams/rivers in a few places.


Bring your own food, snacks, water, etc and remember your sunscreen.

And perhaps something for ticks?


And if you want to braai/swim afterwards, bring that stuff as well.


See you there. (We don’t have to book and can just arrive. The gates open at 7am)





Sunday, April 3, 2011 (All day)