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Join Essa on its 25th Formal Dinner in the Mountain heights of the unspoilt Wolkberg.  This mountain wilderness boasts magnificent indigenous forests as well as spectacular views.  The plan is to camp at the horns (this is a fairly easy walk up from the MCSA hut if the 4x4 track still exists)  and have dinner with the magnificent view over the lowveld next to the waterfall.  This is a completly bizarre place for a dinner so it promises to be good!!!


Our plan is to drive up on Friday night and stay in Haenertsburg  overnight. Then early Saturday morning transfer to the MCSA hut and do the hike to the Waterfall.  We will have an afternoon dinner (so those that really really want to can get back to the hut).  Considering the state of the track we will be walking!.  

Sunday will be a quick dip in the pools  before returning.  Their is an option to walk down via the Wonderwoud, dependant of the weight of our packs.  


We will be sharing transport but suggest that this is done on a car by car basis  as I suspect that we will be all arriving at different times!  If you want to come up Saturday morning (I really recommend driving up Friday night and sleeping in Haenertsburg as we plan an early Start Saturday as the meal is planned for a 3:00 pm start.  (ie it's a late lunch as it can get cold on top of the mountain)

You are responsible for your own accommodation on Friday night as well as Friday Supper and Saturday breakfast.    Please also pack your favourite  Sunday hiking breakfast (you will carry it)

A light snack lunch is included on Saturday  as well Dinner on the afternoon

For these expenses I have budgeted R300 per person

Please let me know if you can help with transport and if you have a 4x4

If you have not paid your membership you will have to pay an additional R250 for individual and R 400 for family membership (two people) which will give you membership until end 2014.  The dinner is only open to fully paid up ESSA members.  

What you need to bring

Tent, sleeping bag, hiking gear, rain gear,  rucksack (large - please leave space for dinner items which you will get at the mountain), formal clothes befitting the occasion, wine glass, your finest silverware, and china.  Please don't spoil the occasion for the rest of us by bringing plastic glasses and plates. cricket whites!

Paul Marais



Formal Dinner


Friday, October 17, 2014 (All day) to Sunday, October 19, 2014 (All day)