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Paul Marais


It is a long standing tradition that every year a formal dinner is held in a wilderness location. Locations have been as far affield as the amphitheatre, Sua Pan and Blouberg. Suits or tuxedos for the men and long dresses for the woman are obligatory This year the dinner took place deep in the mountains of the Wolkberg in the Northern Transvaal in the shadow of a giant fig tree next to a gently blowing stream.
The meal proved exceptional with the following courses served:
Baby vegetables with sundried tomatoes and balsamic vinegar source.
Steamed asparagus.
Sole with white wine source.
Chicken in red wine with rice and green salad. 
Fruit salad and custard. 
Cheese and biscuits. 
Port and cigars.
(courtesy of master chefs Brian and Cathy)
[Above] What Paul carried

Every one was dressed up to the nines (whatever that means - Nick, any suggestions?) and the (plastic garden) table was finely adorned with crystal glass, china crockery, and silver cutlery.

[Above] The famous table and the more famous Paul.



Friday, September 15, 2000 (All day) to Sunday, September 17, 2000 (All day)


Formal Dinner