Formal Dinner





Trip Participants


Paul Marais
Chris Kirchhoff
Vanessa Sayers
Frank Wimberley
Theresa Wimberley
Wendy Wimberley
Jono Heher
Graeme McFerren
Gareth Osche
Sebastian H
Maria Wobben
Vaughan Davies
Ann Davies
Davies Kids
Carey M
Andrew Luke
& others


Do we have to hike to the top of that mountain with our chairs, suitcases, tuxedos .....??.... er yes and all the food as well!

Contemplating the view of rural Swaziland from the top of the dome.

While some bagan the hard work of preparing the five course dinner Wendy just wished they would hurry up! 

African panaroma

The balloons are up and the laying of the table begins.

Chris looks a little bewildered - "What do I do now !"

And the cause of Wendy's unhappiness. "Did you have have to put that horrible man opposite me"

The boys and girls in their finery. Is that a funny joke Frank is telling or is Carey just laughing at his waistcoat?

The formal group photo as the sun set. The feasting is about to begin.

Paul, Chris and Maria ( 4th course I think it was)

Sunday ended with the traditionally closely fought cricket match at the Royal Swazi Oval. The local villagers enjoyed the antics as much as the high quality of the cricket.

Thanks to Chris K for putting the whole event together. Lets do it all again next year!


Sunday, September 30, 2001 (All day)


Formal Dinner