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Piers Pirow

How about a smashing river trip to celebrate summer?

Place: Several options on points on Olifants or similar river (Wilge, Blyde, Tugela, etc)

i am planing an ESSA kayak/ croccing trip down the Oifants river (or similar if too many crocodiles - yes a real problem, flow is poor or logistics are an issue). Have not yet confirmed the route but ideally the plan is to travel to river on Fri evening, start paddling on the 15th, spend 1 to 3 nights on river and return on the 18th or before. I need to know who is keen on coming and will require a deposit up front to confirm your spot. This trip will involve up to grade 3 rapids so reasonably experienced kayakers are welcome and other less experienced are welcome to come but will have to be on a croc inflatable with an experienced person at the back.

I will brief al interested parties with further info re venue, kit, requirements, cost, transport, etc if you interested - so e mail me back ASAP.( or ph 082-9201752).

We will have another rolling clinic and practise at Emmarentia dam this sunday (18th November) after 94.7 cycle at 3pm on the east side where we can assess whether you are capable of joining us. Please come along if u want to come down the Olifants but let me know u coming. Watch this space!





Friday, December 14, 2012 (All day) to Tuesday, December 18, 2012 (All day)