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Andrew Louw
Lewis Coosner
Paola (Guest)
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Julia Johnson

This is a day trip to Chosspile, next to the Hartbeespoort dam wall, for Sport (rock) climbing enthusiasts.

 ESSA will supply a few ropes but if you have your own, please bring it along. It is always more fun if we can have a few routes up at the same time. (Shorter waiting time by the climbers). If you have it, bring along any other climbing gear (quick draws, etc) that you might own. There are a few new climbers in the group so it would be appreciated if you would also bring along your EXTRA climbing harnesses for them to use.

 If you don’t bring/supply a climbing rope for us all to climb on, ESSA will ask you a R20/R30 “equipment maintenance fee” for use of theirs.

 We should meet in the “car park” at the venue to sort out the gear. We will then leave behind any extra gear we don’t need and distribute the ropes and stuff to be carried up to the “crag”. It looks like quite a walk so we don’t necessarily want to take gear we are not going to need. You should bring your own water, food, snacks, etc for the day. Bring some warmish clothes but also bring something cool. I am not sure if we will be climbing in the shade or sun. Also bring Sunblock BUT as mentioned the hike to the crag looks rough so DONT over-pack your backpack ………. and PLEASE help us carry the equipment.

 I would like us to meet at the climbing spot at 8:00 so we can start the hike by 8:30

 Entrance at the venue is charged per car (R50 as far as I know). If you are not car pooling with anyone and would like to jump in with someone else to save a bit of money, then we can meet close to the venue and leave your car at a safe place.
I recommend Emoe for this. They are a restaurant with quite a large car park and I have left my car there a few times. (Safer than the flea market)

 Re Car pooling. I don’t know who is coming from where so if you want a lift, reply to the whole mailing list so we can sort it out.
A meeting place as well as a meeting time would need to be arranged keeping in mind, as mentioned above, I would like us all to meet/be at the Crag’s parking by 8am

 A popular meeting places in Pretoriais CSIR (for people coming from PTA central/East and perhaps Centurion)

 I come from PretoriaNorth so if you don’t mind coming through Pretoria North on you way to Harties, you are welcome to jump in with me. We can meet at the new (ish) Wonderboom Junction Mall which is quite easy to find. (it is across the Wonderboom nature reserve and basically just down Zambezi road)
 (depending on if people want to meet at Emoe’s, we will have to clarify our meeting time at the mall)

 There are quite a few routes to Hartbeespoort dam as can be seen from the attached mat. The R511 and R512 (Blue and Green) will bring you from the Krugersdorp highway and the JHB, Centurion direction.

 From PTA you could come along Church streetor the little highway that simply CANT be the N4 as the map sais(Pink)

 I am coming from Pta North so will be taking the red route.

 The point where the Green and Blue routes almost meet, is a four way stop street.

 1)         If you went WEST from this stop street you will drive between the two flea markets and in the FIRST kink that you get in this road (less than 2km from the stop street), you will see Emoe on you LEFT.
 2)         If you drive NORTH from this stop street, you will cross over the river/channel (water coming over the dam wall) and IMMEDIATELY after the bridge you will see a gate to a picnic area on your right. This is the entrance to the climbing area (Chosspile).

 Contact Andrew Louw Andrew.LouwATthyssenkruppDOTcom for more details


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Saturday, August 28, 2010 (All day)


Rock climbing