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Hi everyone,

We're running a small beginner's kayaking day at the Pelindaba picnic
spot on Saturday 5th March.

Sorry if the notification's a bit late on the mailing list, although
I've been chatting to a few people already about this trip. We have six
(6) people interested (Linda, Paola and son, Ingrid and Gary, Mike
Nash), so we've still got a few places open. We have 10 kayaks
available. I will probably also bring a few crocs so that if we have
more people than kayaks, then we can all go down the river together and
can swap boats as necessary/desired.

The cost of the day will be R120. You will have to pay your own entry
into the Pelindaba picnic site (R30 per person) and bring your own
refreshments/packed lunch/stuff to braai. Bakkies would to useful to
help do the drive-around (dirt-road) and pick up the kayaks at the
takeout point.

The instructors will be Paul Marais and me (and maybe Piers if I can
twist his arm enough).

We'll start by giving a safely briefing and a short outline of what to
look for on the river and how to "read" rapids. Then we'll move to the
pool, where we'll teach you how to do a wet exit from a kayak and do
some basic paddle strokes. We'll also show you how to do a T-rescue and
the principles of rolling. We'll then move to the river where we'll put
in and paddle down about 4kms to the takeout point which we used on the
mini-adventure two weeks ago.

We may even be able to do the river run twice if we're lucky. :-)

To get an idea of the river trip, you can look at Piers' mini-adventure
map to refresh your memory, else you can go to and look at the two
Google pictures at the bottom of the page. The river trip is from
approximately from the bottom right hand corner of the first photo to
just before the second bridge on the top left. DON'T follow the blue
dots to the parking - that's not it!

Here's the kicker: I'm bringing 4 of my own kayaks (for myself, Linda,
Paola and son). Everyone else who wants to join the trip and use a kayak
has to organise to collect a suitable kayak at the ESSA storeroom. We
have six (6) kayaks which can be used. I can be at the storeroom at
around 17h30/17h45 tonight (Thursday) to open up and help. Lindin
(082-735-0100) may be able to open the storeroom at another time, but he
is going to Mountain Sanctuary Park this weekend and is leaving at 15h00






Saturday, March 5, 2011 (All day)