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 The Exploration Society of Southern Africa (ESSA) is a non profit voluntary organisation founded in 1988 following the success of the Wits Exploration and Expedition Society (WEES) by people who had left the University of the Witwatersrand.


Many of those for whom the club had changed their lives felt the idea which had given rise to the university club could be taken further. The aim of the society is to provide a platform for the conceptual and physical exploration of the Southern African landscape.


We fulfill our role by providing a forum for discussion of proposed expeditions and a venue for display and presentation of the results. The society currently has about 120 members and new members are always welcome on payment of the annual subscription fees of R250 for an individual and R350 per family.


Expeditions are supported by the society by the provision of equipment, training and assistance with fundraising. Joining us on one of the journeys is a good way to meet us and share our philosophies on environmental conservation and personal challenge.


Browse around our website and if you like what we do, whether it's planning major expeditions or spending weekends at unexpected places, you are welcome to contact us.